circle c is the teen club for ages 12-14


One of my favorite places to hang out with my friends on a Carnival cruise is Circle C, the teen club for ages 12-14. I have had many entertaining experiences there. On the first and second day of the cruise, Circle C does something called “ice breakers” which basically allows everyone to get introduced to each other.

Circle C is one of my favorite places to chill out with the friends that I make on a cruise. They do many kinds of activities that I enjoy doing like scavenger hunts, and I won a video gaming tournament once. I also make a number of bracelets when I go there. When we did the sports court activities, I almost won the basketball tournament, and I totally flopped in the soccer tournament.

My favorite time to go to Circle C is when they do something called you choose, which is where they have a variety of activities for you to choose  freely. Usually, whenever I go there, I just play video games with my friends, but sometimes we will make bracelets. They have different game consoles like a Nintendo switch, which everyone gets very competitive playing mario kart on.

I like playing on the playstations, because there is more of a variety of games to play on. I actually won the foosball tournament that the director had planned. There is a Circle C prom that everyone goes to, that my friend won. Everyone was trying to get me to vote for them but I had already voted for my friend. There was a teen dinner at the lido marketplace but my friends and I went to the street eats instead and then met up with everyone from Circle C.

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