photo of the carnival celebration

Hey everyone! Have you ever dreamed about going on a cruise where every day is like the best day ever? Well, I’m here to tell you all about my absolutely epic cruise experience on the Carnival Celebration!

Unlimited Ice Cream and Gelato 🍦

One of the sweetest perks of being on a cruise is the unlimited access to ice cream and gelato. Just picture this: you’re basking in the sun by the pool, and you suddenly crave something sweet. Voila! Just a few steps away, you can choose from dozens of flavors—chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and exotic mixes like mango swirl. It’s like living in an ice cream lover’s paradise where every day you get to hit that magical dessert button and treat yourself anytime you feel like it.

Poolside Chillin’🏊‍♂️

There’s something magical about pools on cruise ships—they’re like mini-oases on the sea. I spent hours splashing around, participating in pool games, and just chilling on a floatie, soaking up the sun. It’s the ultimate relaxation spot for any teen looking to have some fun and cool off at the same time. The best part? You’re never far from a snack bar or an exciting poolside activity.

Mini Golf at Sea ⛳

Yes, our cruise ship (Carnival Celebration) had a mini golf course on board! It was set up on the top deck, so every game came with breathtaking views of the ocean stretching out to the horizon. I played rounds with my family and new friends, and each game was a blast. It’s not just about putting; it’s about enjoying the cool sea breeze and having a great time with other kids my age. The course had fun obstacles and themes, making each game a new challenge.

Teen Club: My Daily Hangout 🎮

The Teen Club, also known as Circle C, was where the magic happened. It’s a spot on the ship just for teens—we had video games, movie nights, dance parties, and lots of lounge space to just chill and chat. I met some awesome people here; we shared stories about our lives back home and made plans to meet up again on future cruises. This club made me feel like I was part of a special group, all exploring the world together.

Basketball in the Middle of the Ocean 🏀

Playing basketball on a cruise ship, especially one as big as the Celebration, adds a whole new level of excitement. The court is right on the deck, with the most amazing sea view you can imagine. Games got competitive, but it was all in good fun. The mix of fresh air and friendly competition made for some of the most memorable moments of my cruise.

Exciting Scavenger Hunts 🔍

The cruise staff organized scavenger hunts that sent us all over the ship. We solved puzzles, raced against time, and discovered hidden spots we might have missed otherwise. These hunts were not just fun; they were a cool way to learn more about the ship and bond with my teammates.

Late-Night Pizza 🍕

Imagine hanging out with new friends and suddenly getting hungry. On a cruise, you don’t have to worry about that—you can grab a slice of pizza anytime! The Celebration had a 24-hour pizzeria serving up fresh, hot pizza that was a perfect snack after a long day of fun.

Gourmet Burgers at Sea 🍔

Dining options on the cruise were incredible, especially at Guy’s Burger Joint and Big Chicken. The burgers were juicy and cooked to perfection, and the chicken sandwiches were something to write home about. It’s casual dining but with flavors that feel gourmet.

Fun and Games at Pig and Anchor 🐷

Pig and Anchor was not just about good BBQ (though that was a big part of it); it was also a hub for activities. From karaoke nights to trivia contests, it was a place to laugh, compete, and enjoy the company of my new friends.

Mexican Food Galore 🌯

Blue Iguana Cantina offered a taste of Mexico with fresh tacos and burritos made to order. Eating a delicious burrito while gazing at the ocean was definitely a highlight of my dining experiences. On the Celebration, you can find this awesome spot right next to the pool on the Lido Deck (Deck 16).

The Great Duck Hunt 🦆

Last but not least, hunting for cruise ducks—a quirky and fun activity where passengers hide and seek rubber ducks around the ship. It’s a tradition on many cruises, adding an extra layer of adventure as you explore.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my cruise adventures as much as I enjoyed living them! If you’ve ever been on a cruise, let me know what your favorite part was! If you’re thinking about what to do for your next family vacation, consider a cruise. If you’re already planning one, what are you most excited about? 🚢🎮🍦

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