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You may be wondering if a balcony cabin is worth the extra money as opposed to the cheaper interior or ocean view cabin. I would say a definite YES! It is absolutely worth every extra dollar you spend on this cabin type. Here are some reasons why:  

Balcony Cabins Include Extra Space

When compared to an interior cabin, balcony cabins are typically bigger and have a couch in addition to the bed.  There is also extra space on the balcony itself.  This extra space is useful especially if traveling with more than two people. Because the cabins are already somewhat small, you can end up tripping over each other when trying to get ready for a meal or to leave for the day.  It is nice to have the extra space to be able to step outside and give each other some space to move around the cabin a bit easier.  I found that when traveling with children in the cabin this was a real problem, and the outside space was a lifesaver for our sanity.  Instead of getting frustrated from tripping over each other, we could go sit outside and let them get ready for bed or get dressed etc.  They loved going to sit out on the balcony while we were getting ready as well. 


Gorgeous Views From A Private Balcony

No matter what time of day you choose to sit on your balcony, you will never regret spending that time in your own quiet space or regret the extra dollars you spent. It is a great place to retreat to at the start of your day and at the end of your day and any part in between. Depending on which side of the ship the cabin is located you may see more while pulling into a port or more of the open ocean.  One thing to consider is if you want your balcony to be in the front, middle or aft (back of the ship).  This is true whether you have a balcony or not, but it does affect your view and the proximity to dining and activities.  

Perfect Photo Backdrop

One of the things that we use our balcony for besides the quiet place to sit outside is for pictures of our kids and family.  The balcony makes for a a great photo spot since the ocean, or beautiful ports are usually in the background.  Some of our best cruise pics of ourselves and our kids were taken on our balcony. We especially love taking pictures on formal nights when we are all dressed up with the clear glass and the ocean behind us. 

a photo of a balcony cabin on a Carnival ship

Balcony cabins not only provide a great personal outdoor space to lounge comfortably, they also offer amazing views of the ocean, ports, and all things outdoors on a cruise. The outside wall is usually all glass so with the glass door it is a great clear view of the beautiful ocean and spectacular views of the islands while in port or while you are cruising to or from them.  The views are wonderful no matter whether you like early morning sunrises or late-night moon views, as well as afternoon views or the open ocean. We enjoyed seeing the islands as we were passing by as well as wildlife such as birds, flying fish and dolphins. 

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