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I am currently in Las Vegas and decided to compare the Vegas casino experience with the gambling experience onboard a Carnival cruise ship, in this case the Carnival Celebration.

gambling casino slot machines in a row with brown leather padded seats

Here is quick assessment from my gambling experience:

  • Cruise casinos are very crowded compared to MGM Grand Casino, Mandalay Bay Casino, and New York New York Casino. These are the three I visited.
  • The “luck” appears about the same. I did not notice any difference between the size or frequency of payouts. Vegas does seem to have more high-stake gambling areas. I don’t frequent these area so I won’t comment more on them.
  • Carnival does an excellent job at serving drinks compared to Vegas. The selection onboard is far superior. While the pour is not heavy by any means when cruising, it is far better than the experience of a drop of liquor in an otherwise small glass of flat soda that we had in Vegas.
  • Getting a drink at a machine is much better onboard. While the ships’ casinos are crowded, there are a lot more staff on the floor. Also, my experience in the few times I was able to order something to drink, even soda or water resulted in what appeared to be an unhappy overworked waiter just trying to make it through the day. And yes, I made sure to tip well.
  • The games are all the same. I didn’t see much of anything in Vegas that I didn’t see on the ship.

All in all, Carnival does a great job providing a fun casino atmosphere. The games seem to pay out the same as in Vegas, the drinks are better, and the staff enjoy their job. Keep in mind, wherever you gamble, don’t go expecting to make a killing. The purpose of a casino is to make the establishment money. This is as true for MGM Grand as it is on the Carnival Celebration. However, if you enjoy gambling or playing slots my vote is clear: Go on a cruise!

hitting the jackpot on a slot machine

Here are a few bonus tips to make any casino visit more enjoyable:

  • Bring what you can afford to lose. When you lose it, leave. Don’t bring money with you that you don’t want to lose.
  • If you happen to win, try taking your winnings and set them aside. My biggest mistake is always thinking I can win more. I usually lose it all and go home empty handed.
  • Be very careful on the bet. What denomination are you playing and how many lines.
  • Have fun. Have a plan. Stick to your plan. Free drinks make for poor decisions. Plan ahead.
  • Going to the Casino to get a free drink usually costs between $20-$40. It is almost impossible to not hit the slot machine button while you wait for your drink. Your better off just going to the bar and tipping the bartender a lot. Every now and then you might win a free drink.

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